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Remodeling dreams come true

Concrete Polishing

Smooth and glossy floors are the aftermath of grinding concrete with top-notch grit diamonds. Also, behind the beautiful visuals that concrete polishing is generating a comprehensive list of benefits comes with it, The main one is clearly strengthening the concrete surface, adding lots of years of its life.

Main advantages of polished concrete:

Low Maintenance
Eco Friendliness
Cost effectiveness
High Durability
Glossy Look

We use only high-quality hardeners and densifiers to bring out the most of the concrete, making it shine remarkably. To receive a free estimate, get in touch with us today!


Even in bad condition

Overlays & Micro-Layering

Overlays and micro layers are used for concrete resurfacing that’s in a bad condition, either old or damaged. These procedures combine Miami cement with latex and acrylic polymers to restore slab surfaces without the need or removing and then replacing the whole concrete slabs.

Overlays are usually mixed in a runny consistency, being very liquid, allowing it to naturally flow and level up evenly across the floor. This type of overlay is also called self-leveling. The other types of overlays are thicker and are applied when the conditions are not favorable for self-levelers.

Micro-layers, also known as micro-toppings, are versatile polymer cement resurfacers that can transform your over-used floor into a beautiful concrete surface at low cost. Thinner than overlays, micro-layers do offer multiple design possibilities and can be easily applied to horizontal as well as to vertical surfaces.

Our professionals thoroughly prepare the concrete surface, diamond grind it to the point it’s ready for bonding overlays and micro-layers that will last for years! That’s why Miami concrete, Broward concrete or Palm Beach concrete always prefer Concrete Master USA.



Unlimited Designs

Epoxy- Metallic Epoxies

Give depth to your floor with metallic epoxy techniques, transforming it to a beautiful multi-dimensional surface. Epoxies are in high demand these days. Concrete Master USA’s premier decorative metallic epoxy systems are highly appreciated among South Florida concrete clients.

What us Metallic Epoxy?
It’s a pearlescent metallic tincture formula, which once applied on floors, creates custom dynamic changing color and mottled pattering. Metallic Epoxy Floor is the answer in case you search uniqueness, transforming your property’s floor into the main attraction there.

Main Advantages of Epoxies:

Cost Effective
Easy Installation
Unique Results
High Durability
Unlimited Designs

Whether it’s a Miami house, a Broward commercial store or a Palm Beach industrial space, metallic epoxies provided by Concrete Master USA will add value and color to your property.


Add value to your property

Acid Staining

You can choose from either glossy or satin for your interior/exterior floor finish. Acid staining adds more value to your home or business, while it matches any architectural style. It’s used to restore and decorate your concrete with advanced polymer-modified stain formula that will produce solid and beautiful concrete surfaces.

What is Acid Staining?
Acid stain is a high-penetrative acid that reacts with the unique properties of the concrete, taking place between 1 to 4 hours after the first contact.

After the staining takes place, the concrete then needs scrubbing for excess stain removal. Last step would be neutralization of the surface with solutions of water and ammonia, all for the increase of the pH levels in the concrete.

Main advantages of concrete acid staining are:

Natural Looking Finishes
Low Maintenance
Easy Apllication
Eco Friendly
Long Life Span

Take advantage of concrete acid staining anywhere in South Florida with the professionals from Concrete Master USA



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