You can choose from either glossy or satin for you interior/exterior floor finish. Acid staining easily adds more value to your home or business, while it matches any architectural style.  It’s used to restore and decorate your concrete with advanced polymer-modified stain formulas that produces solid and beautiful concrete surfaces.

What’s acid staining?

Acid stain is a high-penetrative acid that reacts with the unique properties of the concrete, taking place between 1 to 4 hours after the first contact.

After the staining takes place, the concrete then needs scrubbing for excess stain removal. Lest step would be neutralization of the surface with solutions of water and ammonia, all that for the increase of the pH levels in the concrete.

Main advantages of concrete acid staining are:

  • Natural-looking finishes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy application
  • Eco Friendly
  • Long life span
  • Take advantage of concrete acid staining anywhere in South Florida with the professionals from Concrete Master USA.

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